Thursday, October 25, 2012

Food and God

So I was driving home yesterday and I heard this great sermon by Wayne Braudrick, pastor of Frisco Bible Church, on the radio.  The title of the sermon was "Fact or Fiction: Christians Should Eat Only..."  I have never heard a pastor tackle this subject and Wayne did an amazing job.  Truly, I have gotten quite annoyed at the focus people have on food nowadays and Christians have been dragged into worry over food more and more.  Braudrick mentioned that in our culture today there are so many arguments over food.  I have seen an increasing amount of judgment from certain Christians towards their brothers and sisters, judgment that insists in order to treat our bodies like a temple of the Spirit, we have to eat this and such and not that and such.

A friend of mine said that food has become an idol for many Christians and I agree.  Many in the church have turned food into a legalistic fighting grounds.  Personally, I think Christians have done this for two reasons: 1) We live in a food obsessed culture and we are reflecting our own culture's preoccupation with what goes into our mouths.  2) We have bought into the lie that eating somehow affects our spirituality, that in order to be truly good temples for God, we have to eat certain things and avoid others.  The problem is, number one reveals Christians overtaken by culture, not God, and number two isn't biblical at all.

If you are a Christian who has become consumed with food, obsessing about it day in and out, or, like me, you want a biblical perspectice to wade through all the voices shouting at you about food, I recommend Wayne Braudrick's sermon.  He brings a refreshing biblical perspective to a topic so overwhelming in our society.

For the sermon, click here.  You'll find it on October 23 and 24.